Youth Squad

Youth Squad

Every young member Under 20 can attend the club every afternoon of the 4th Saturday in each month. So, rain or shine, wind or no wind, their will be a regular afternoon session each month where the youth squad will get together.

Those that want to improve and get out onto the water will have the use of club boats at their disposal with an instructor on hand to offer advise and guidance. Those that are new or to young to sail will also have the opportunity to get out on the water or stay on dry land and do some games and activities.

In terms of events that we can attend as a squad we have the Southport Junior 12 hour race and the NSSA Topper Team Racing events to look forward to. Help is also available for anyone wishing to attend the Yorkshire and Humberside Travellers Series which is an absolutely fantastic way for young ones to race on other waters in the region, against there peers.

We’re also after young members to come together in order to represent the youth section in order to feedback ideas and queries to the Youth Development Officer.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and look out for ways to get involved!